Reasons Why Pennants and Other Symbols Are Necessary

indexThrough the centuries, there had to be a way for strangers to denote who they were allied to. For obvious reasons, anyone not belonging to a particular clan would either be run off or worse. Banner flags were used not only to tell their followers or clan members where they were, they were also used to give a sense of fighting for a cause. These pennants were often guarded to the point of many people losing their lives to keep the pennant intact and in the hands of that particular group. For it to be captured meant that the group had lost the battle. Anyone who wants a banner in a permanent position must sort out the flag pole installation before being able to ‘run up the pennant’ so to speak. The first thing to consider, for a static pennant, is where exactly this equipment is to be positioned. Care should obviously be taken wherever there are overhead obstructions, and also how the weather affects that particular place.

Custom Printed Banners for a Photo Show

indexA photo showing will have some glorious photographs so why not use custom printed banners as the advertising format for the show? Custom banners can be as classy as the photos that are displayed in the photo show. When you order custom printed banners you can basically upload any image you choose onto the banners and have them printed so they can be displayed as advertising for the show’s opening.

Printed banners come in various sizes and shapes. Since vinyl is a material it also comes in various weights. A vinyl banner can have photo quality digital imaging on them so you can upload pictures of different types and the custom banner will have a quality look to it. If you sit down at the computer all you have to do is log onto a banner printing website and start to design those custom banners. In the past few years there has been a lot of progress made in computerized printing. There are new inks available like UV inks which when used for printing custom banners really stand out and is also UV resistant and won’t melt in the rain in the event the show has damp weather. Banners printed with these UV cured inks really pop at the observer. Banners can be created and have multiple colors and images.

The different types of custom banners can look like a pennant shape or a rectangle or like a long banner. It can be made with a matte finish or the finish can be quite shiny. They are generally made form a heavy-duty vinyl plastic so they look somewhat like a plastic poster, not one made from cardboard. They are flexible and the grommets at each corner make it easy to display them. These are very study products and not some flimsy paper item. They are also weather resistant so they can withstand some outdoor exposure and last for several years. So these custom printed banners of vinyl can re reused over several years and still look good for display.

Custom Banners and Flags Are An Effective Marketing Strategy

indexA question rising up more often is, “With the internet being such a driving force for advertising, is there still a need for printed banners and large format promotion?” The answer is yes. In fact, while we may be living in a technologically savvy world we spend a good amount of time away from our computers. And, to top it off, when we spend time walking we’re actually more conscious than when we are stationary. The motion activates the thinking part of our brain and in turn helps us to make decisions. So you might be more aware of that banner you see on the bus that passes by on your commute than the banner on the side of the website you are browsing at work or home.

There are a considerable amount of ways you can employ large format printing in the form of outdoor banners, nylon flags, and plastic signs. These are invaluable marketing tools for companies. They can be applied to the sides of buildings, public transportation vehicles, poster displays, etc. On our commute we see more advertising than we could possibly fit on a 16″ screen. And because they are bigger, more information can be displayed on each individual ad.

Outdoor banners are durable and attention-grabbing. They can be tied using strong rope for bad weather. Although ideally they promote outdoor events they can be hung from ceilings and walls just as easily to promote sales for grand openings or closeouts. Giant posters and signs for your store can be used in the advertising of products and services. They’re bigger, they’re brighter, and they stand out more than the flashing advertisements we have grown to ignore online. They also tend to appear more trustworthy than their online counterparts. You don’t click on physical banners only to be linked to a viral website. But, that is a whole other story.